Biomarker Services


Eurofins Central Laboratory is uniquely positioned with its Biomarker Services by uniting GCLP and GCP in one synergetic approach. Our hybrid system allows us to combine best of two worlds when utilizing laboratory biomarkers to prove safety and efficacy, support go/no-go decisions, stratify patients and to support the submission of data sets to regulatory agencies worldwide.

Supported by a strong & experienced Scientific Affairs Committee, biomarker assays are developed and/or validated fit-for-purpose to meet the specific requirements of the Clinical Trial Program. As our Biomarker Services are fully integrated in our Central Laboratory, we offer a seamless transition to a production testing environment as any biomarker assay is evaluated for its feasibility as well. The combination of highest standards of quality and logistics, cutting edge technology and a tailored approach makes our biomarker services unique and extremely powerful.

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