Scientific Affairs


With the increasing complexity of primary and secondary endpoints, laboratory assays and geographical areas used, it becomes more challenging to achieving protocol outcomes, safeguard specimen integrity and minimizing invasive procedures on behalf of the research subjects.  Eurofins Scientific Affairs plays an essential role in addressing these challenges, by bridging scientific study requirements with high volume production and cost efficient central laboratory testing.

Eurofins Central Laboratory deploys a Scientific Affairs group to support the global Laboratory Operations. The Scientific Affairs group gives scientific advice on assays, analytical platforms, stability and feasibility, specimen collection, transport and storage, method development, transfer and validation. The Group is also responsible for approving, establishing and managing analytical subcontractor arrangements and is responsible for the work performed. The SA group is also the doorway to access the myriad of scientists in the larger Eurofins BioPharma Services, Laboratory Testing division to support Clients with the comprehensive testing portfolio and geographical reach of Eurofins.

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